Post-Covid Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for Lasting COVID-19 Symptoms

Our expert team of Respiratory and Physical Therapists has been treating pulmonary patients with breathing disorders for over 20 years. Now we use our experience to provide rehabilitation for patients recovering from the respiratory complications and deconditioning caused by COVID-19. After the virus has left their system, patients can continue to experience shortness of breath, physical impairment, fatigue, brain fog and difficulty accomplishing daily tasks. Some even struggle with pulmonary complications such as scarring of lung tissue. 

Our centers also provide multi-disciplinary care from our experts in Physical, Occupational, and Respiratory Therapies. In addition, our centers offer Social Services. Due to our experience with using therapy to treat a wide range of conditions, Advantage Therapy Center’s Post-Covid Rehabilitation program is uniquely suited to help patients recover from lasting complications of COVID-19. 

Advantage Therapy Centers Can Help Patients Experiencing The Following Post-COVID Symptoms and Conditions:


Shortness of Breath



Brain Fog

Sleep Disorders

Joint/ Muscle Pain

Muscle Deconditioning

Lung Fibrosis

Our Multispecialty Program is Personalized to Each Patient and Can Include These Specialties


Physical Therapy

Helps treat Post Intensive Care Syndrome and strengthen weakened muscles.
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Respiratory Therapy

Studies lung function so it can be monitored and treated. Covid-19 may cause permanent lung damage such as significant lung fibrosis or recurring infections.
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Occupational Therapy

Helps you adapt and build strength in order to accomplish daily activities with more independence.
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Social Services

Covid-19 brings a multitude of emotional complications. We provide support and resources to help.
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