Physical Therapy

Living with Pain Isn't Easy, but Advantage's Physical Therapy Services Can Help.


  • Orthopedic sport medicine

  • Balance

  • Vestibular rehabilitation

  • Manual Therapy

  • Graston

  • Work Realted Injuries

  • Acute/chronic pain      management

  • Improve flexibility and      mobility.

  • Strengthen balance and      prevent falls.

  • Reduce pain.

    We accept all major insurances, including patient payment arrangements
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    The Advantage Difference

    We are held to high standards

    Our patients receive individualized care plans

    Our patients are treated by licensed clinicians only (no aides)

    Therapists are able to spend more time with each patient

    Balance and Vestibular Therapy

    Falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to the emergency room in the United States today. More than one-third of adults over the age of 65 fall each year, and 85% of those falls are the result of a balance issue.

    Balance and Vestibular therapy are effective in reducing — and often eliminating — the symptoms of dizziness and imbalance disorders caused by inner ear problems, vascular, neurological, or environmental conditions. The benefits of treatment will last far longer than the short amount of time you spend at therapy with us.

    The balance and vestibular programs at Advantage Therapy Centers can help to improve your balance disorders.

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