Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a scientifically developed objective process that measures a workers' physical capabilities and tolerances, also known as a workers' physical demand level (PDL). In order to maximize the productivity of an employee, while also avoiding injury or re-injury, it is important for both the worker as well as the worker and employer to understand the employee's physical potential and capabilities.

Reliability & Validity

Advantages' certified functional evaluators administer FCEs with evaluation tools and methods that are peer-reviewed, validity based, and legally defensible in the field of occupational rehabilitation. All testing is performed with standardized protocols that are specific to each case in question. Each FCE will provide information on reliability of physical effort, reliability of pain reports/behaviors, and safe levels of functional capacity.

Honesty & Objectivity

Advantage Physical Therapy provides testing results that are trustworthy. Advantage Therapy is an independently owned and operated company with the goal to provide fair, accurate, concise, objective data and information in each specific Workers' Compensation case.


Advantage Physical Therapy's certified functional evaluators produce FCEs that are clear, concise, timely, and specific to providing case closure for the referral sources and the Workers' Compensation client.

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