Client Success Stories

"I've experienced Vertigo for many years and in 2 sessions, I was cured. My dizziness was completely gone" - J.K. Mt. Laurel, NJ

"My therapist developed a personalized balance program which I continue to use at home" - P.S. Lumberton, NJ

"Thanks to Advantage Therapy Centers, I've learned to walk straighter and feel more confident that I won't fall when I'm out in public" - Voorhees, NJ

"My therapist taught me how to go up and down the stairs safely" - M.P. Southampton, NJ

"The whole experience was a positive one. I recommend Balance Therapy for anyone who is unsure on their feet" - P.L. Marlton, NJ

"The therapist taught me how to get up off the floor, so I will not have to call 911 for help" - B.P. Riverton, NJ

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