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Breathing Disorders

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation specialists treat patients with COPD and other breathing disorders. Our clinicians provide a nurturing environment where we combine education, strength and endurance training to help maintain optimum levels of functional activity and independence.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy specializes in the evaluation, education, and treatment of patients who suffer from physical limitations due to surgery, injury or disease. The goal of physical therapy is to alleviate symptoms and help regain the highest degree of function possible.


Balance Therapy

The Balance Diagnostics and Therapy team, including highly-trained physical therapists, are effective in reducing and often eliminating the symptoms of dizziness,vertigo, and imbalance.


Sleep Centers

The exceptionally trained and caring staff at Advantage Sleep Centers can tuck you in for a comfortable one-night stay at one of our luxurious state-of-the-art facilities, In the morning, we will evaluate your sleep patterns and quickly report the findings to your physician, so the rest of your nights are good nights!